How we are taking 360 video to the next level and why getting quality 360 video footage is important to your brand

April 5, 2017

Whether you are a large or small business, now is the time to introduce 360 videos into your marketing strategy. 360 videos, which can also be viewed using various Virtual reality hardware such as Gear, Cardboard,Htc Vive and Oculus are a relatively new yet rapidly growing technology. They allow the viewer to be completely engrossed in an environment and be able to see and hear everything as if they are physically there. Businesses can “teleport” people to a new location, bring them on a new experience and to be completely amazed. 360 videos produce more engagement and message retention than normal videos, which can be beneficial for businesses selling a product, service or experience. The videos are supported on most platforms. On computers they can be viewed with most browsers. The user can click and drag the mouse around to view different angles. On mobile devices, the user can move their smartphone around to see different angles. With virtual reality headsets, the viewer can walk and look around to be fully immersed into the 360 experience. 360 videos have been gaining popularity in social media platforms, with Facebook and YouTube introducing the feature and integrating them completely. Virtuo360 has the equipment and experience necessary to produce the best possible 360 videos for your brand. Our tools can take 360 video to the next level. We have worked with brands such as Place Des Arts, Lifetime Fitness, Hyundai Canada and many many more. Let us help you promote your brand in a fresh and creative way!