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What good is it if your customers can’t find you?

The way we interact and engage with customers and clients has changed dramatically. From getting seen by your customers on the right channels, to creating optimized, engaging content on your social platforms and getting on Google's first page, Virtuo360 creates a tailored online experience focused on your customers. It’s time to engage.


Our goal is to help people find you and engage with you.


Your brand is your love and we want people to be aware that it exists.

REVOLUTIONARY Search Engine Marketing

A revolutionary way to approach search engine marketing. Virtuo has the answers.

Local SEO

If you have a local presence and you’re not paying attention to your local results, you are missing out on local traffic.

We do SEO differently. We know how to stay one step ahead in the ever-changing landscape of SEO. Starting with a site audit and a search for competitors, we then tailor your content using professional writers to get your brand seen. We’ll then walk you through the measurable change in traffic using our fully transparent, customized platform so that you can follow your progress every step of the way.

Local SEO gets you to the top of local searches.

We also provide local SEO (search engine optimization). Local SEO optimizes your online presence to ensure you rank high in local search rankings, meaning you get targeted customers in your area.

Virtuo360 provides proven, innovative search optimization strategies to help your brand dominate your industry’s search engine rankings. We help your brand rank higher, target and reach larger, better audiences, and get more traffic to your website. As a leading agency specializing in digital marketing and SEO, we consistently provide quality services to help your brand generate more sales and revenue through an increased online presence.

Increased brand awareness

Start with an audit of your website and your local presence, and check out your local competition.

Local Optimization & Management

Optimized and managed Google My Business profiles

The power of Google My Business cannot be ignored. As the leader in multiple page management, we know that your storefront’s local presence is a major contributing factor to getting you new customers. We have the expertise needed to optimize your Google presence, organize your listings, and provide a compelling clean copy. Local is the key to being seen and becoming known by your target audience, by driving local traffic to where they are looking.

Managing every part of your local brand and helping you keep it organized

We also offer local intelligence reporting to give you more insight into local traffic progression, local competition and your customers’ behavioral habits.

Connect directly through all Google services: Maps, Search, Google+

All of your local presence is important. We help you manage it all.

Digital Advertising

The backbone of the new wave in digital advertising is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Adwords. We have the expertise and experience to research and test which keywords work so you can maximize your spend and get the most ROI. Adwords campaigns need to constantly evolve to be potent. Our search experts will manage your campaign and attract customers not only where they are looking for you, but through new avenues as well.

Social Media Management

A striking social presence to attract new customers

Social media is the present and the future of customer engagement and retention. We have the insight, the tools, and the experience to create a powerful targeted social presence. We’ll create a new campaign of optimized content that fits into your overall SEO strategy and that will not only improve daily engagement, but increase your ranking. Get found and create new discussions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Shareable, targeted content

Optimized social pages for increased traffic

Video Marketing

Your product and your brand will never look better than on video.

Your product and your brand will never look better than on video Nothing gets shared like a video. We create visually stunning, shareable videos that tell your story and showcase your products in the way your customers want to see them. Your videos will be ranked on YouTube, so that they are found through organic search. Our video marketing campaigns will not only enhance your website, they will be a powerful way to tell your story to new audiences. Then, we’ll optimize your video so that it is seen.

It’s not enough to make a video. Let’s make people see it.

Reinforce your brand culture by showcasing your team and your mission.

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